Saturday, June 25, 2011


Our dearest readers,

We haven't posted in what seems like a lifetime, and for that we owe you our most sincere apologies. We have been ridiculously busy, what with exams, fashion shows, dinner parties, shopping sprees ... just everything!

Luckily we have dug up a treat for the loyal readers who have stuck with us after all this time, even though we don't deserve it. Revel in te following classic pictures from one of our favourite campaigns of all time - Versace S/S 1994 by Richard Avedon, featuring these supermodels of legend:

Stephanie Seymour, Christy Turlington, Nadja Auermann, Cindy Crawford and Claudia Schiffer.

The hair! The boots! The colours! The hunks wearing little more than a piercing stare and chiseled muscles!

See you next time, darlings!


Eve & Olivia

Saturday, April 30, 2011

La Famille Royale

Loving the royal fever that's sweeping the globe right now. I know everyone's infatuated with the gorgeous Middleton sisters, who both looked ravishing at the Royal wedding, and Prince Frederik and Princess Mary of Denmark have recently christened their beautiful twins Josephine and Vincent - but what about the princesses of York? Yes, I think the stylish Beatrice and Eugenie deserve a blog dedication.

These two classy princesses rocked Philip Treacy headpieces at the wedding.

According to Eugenie, her and Beatrice's tastes are completely different. She told the Telegraph,

"Beatrice loves her glamorous dresses and her hair being curly or big - like Mummy's - and I hate volume. I like my hair to be sort of flat. I like just throwing on a pair of jeans and generally being more understated. She is more 'Let's do the glamour.' We're chalk and cheese."

Wearing lovely Alice Temperley dresses at the London premiere of The Young Victoria

Beatrice and her boyfriend Dave Clark

This photo's a bit dated, but how cute were the girls at 18 and 16?

The sisters bring back the 80s with these retro outfits

The party princesses attend a charity ball before heading off to their favourite night club

The princesses help out behind-the-scenes at the Nutcracker

Mother and daughters rock metallic dresses, or velvet in the case of Fergie

At the Elephant Parade and Auction

Princess Eugenie chooses a stars-and-stripes bikini, much to our bafflement.

That bag is astonishing.

Eugenie poses provocatively with a few girlfriends

The gorgeous dress Beatrice wore at the Swarovski Fashion Rocks 2007 After Party was a little big on top

Princess Eugenie gets glammed up for her 18th birthday cover shoot

An elegant Princess Beatrice

On a side note ... now that William's happily married, what's Harry been up to? Here's a glance at Harry's glamorous on-again-off-again girlfriend, Chelsy Davy, who definitely rivals Kate Middleton in the style stakes!

Dazzling in a turquoise Alberta Ferretti outfit at the Royal Wedding.

Viva La Wedding Fever!

or should I say, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge.

In light of the recent fabulous royal wedding (Darn you Kate, taking Mr. Prince William Hottie off the market, well at least Harry is still on!) wedding fever is all around.
So while I was frequenting the internet looking up some fabulous dresses, I saw
some of the most inspiring designs I've ever seen up to date!

Incorporating the lovely Hello Kitty into your big day is a brilliant idea. These dresses are sure to make your man go out-of-his-mind-crazy for you!

Love from London (I went for the royal wedding: one of the best experiences of my life!)

O. Grovois x