Monday, January 31, 2011

Dreaming About Dior

Hello everyone,

I just saw these absolutely gorgeous pictures from the Keke Lindgard and Mariana Idzkowska by Mario Testino for Dolce & Gabbana, Spring/Summer 2011 campaign and I am in the seventh heaven of delight. It's a shame most of the time I'm walking around Paris rugged up in boots, my thickest wool stockings and a great big shaggy Ann Demeulemeester coat. I swear, it takes about half the day to get dressed. I hope we get some sun around here soon so I can break out with some fantastic floral dresses à la the following:

Well, I've got to dash (it is past midnight. That's how much I love you people.) I hope you all have a brilliant week and I'll see you soon!

Much love,

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Je t'aime, Elie Saab

Oh Mr. Saab, how i adore you. Your new Spring 2011 Couture collection has just been viewed by yours truly, and let me just say that you, sir, are my hero.
Let me share to you fellow viewers my favourite ES designs...

First of all, the nudes/blush colours...

One of the things I love most about Mr. Saab is his impeccable ability to design dresses that make you look feminine, sensual and curvaceous without the need to cut smaller pieces of the material.

What I love about the one above, is how the designer put in hints of see-through fabrics which gives the dress such a sexy and flirty look.

And last but not least...

There is just something about this dress that blows me away. Its sexy, feminine, slightly dominating, shows off your more voluptuous features, and is still so very classy in the most sensual way.

That's all from me today,
Olivia G

The Fashion-Forward French

Bonjour, our dear readers,

Ooh la la! It's been a dizzying few days for Olivia and I, packed full of French delicacies (including the infamous frogs legs which, incidentally, taste remarkably like chicken!), and most importantly jaw-dropping fashion trends, testament to Paris' reputation as the most fashionable city in the world.

Most of the amazing clothes we saw on the streets looked like they belonged on a runway. Opening my wardrobe has suddenly become rather depressing ...

Anyway, we've included some pictures for you people to enjoy and copy get inspiration from.

First up - frogs legs! Don't they look delicious?

This is my absolute favourite. I am loving the bold colour blocking and hating the way she effortlessly pulls off a look that would look totally frumpy on me! It's refreshing to see colour in a world that is dominated by neutral tones the likes of black, grey, white, beige, tan, cream, taupe, camel, ivory ...

I am so jealous of this girl. That outfit (and body) are to die for! I love how the red of her pumps stands out against the grey and black.

Embellishing a simple dress with a large eye-catching statement belt. This outfit is so chic and perfect.

I adore this dress. Its willowy silkiness and high empire waist would flatter basically every body shape. Love the contrast of the leather jacket, fringed leather clutch and oversize glasses.

Well, I'm off to shop 'til I drop!

Much love,
Eve J

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Bienvenue à Paris!

Bonjour our dear readers,

Oh mon dieu - our very first post! We are so excited to be in the fashion capital of the world, Paris! It seems so surreal. Our senses are overwhelmed by all the fabulous fashions, sights and sounds that France has to offer. We've been here for a while but every day we discover something new - from cute cafes, to the little vintage boutique around the corner. Lovin' the views, lovin' the shoes and everything in between.

A street near our apartment. Eve is obsessed with those street lamps!

Le Grenier a Pain! Best pastries in the world, if you haven't eaten here, you haven't lived! Olivia's favourite patisserie, DEFINITELY!

Now that we've settled in nicely, we're ready to look around for some up and coming trends and designers whose work we'll share with you on our blog.

Bien a toi!
Eve & Olivia

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