Saturday, March 26, 2011

Debutante Delights

Hey guys, in light of the Japanese earthquakes, Eve and I give our most heartfelt condolences to people who have lost their loved ones, homes, etc.
Best wishes!

However, let's get back to the fashion.
The debutante ball in England is one of the very big social highlights of the year. It's a chance to get yourself all gussied up, and for that you need THE DRESS. This year, it's all about embracing your body, girls. I'll lead by example, here are some of the latest and greatest trends...

This for example, would frame your body perfectly, showing in all the right places!

I love the way this dress hugs her body! With the shaped cut-outs, she looks confident and sexy at the same time.

Leopard is the new black, and crotch-high slits are the craze. You're sure to get the guys in a frenzy with this hot number.

There are not enough words to express how much I love this dress... the corset, the tutu skirt, the hot colour, the length...just... *content sigh*

Now these two aren't exactly debutante dresses, but these women have got the right idea. They obviously knew the trends before everyone else. Short is the key here girlies, preferably backless and with a low neckline. I mean, if you're going to try sexy, why not go all the way. Flawless logic, no?
Some girls, have of course, the dilemma of teenage pregnancy, but that's OK because you can definitely make the bump beautiful!
look at the second wedding dress. She is the definition of pregnancy radiance. The amazing circle cut in the middle frames her body perfectly, I mean, she looks HOT!

This is the defined neckline that all you girls should be keeping an eye on. Embrace this new trend girls, it's a good one! How low can you go?

Along with leopard print, hot pink is the new in. And the mesh! Don't forget the mesh! Such a beautiful classic cut; sometimes going old school is the way to go.

Now although, this dress is absolutely fab, I'd also like to commend the woman in this. She feels totally comfortable in her skin, and that's very admirable.

The capacity of designer intellect that went into this dress is amazing. You know what I mean ;) Look carefully, you'll see it! She hints at it, but very very subtly! Fabulous.

FASHION CRIME?! Obviously, not! Just look at it, the two slits frame her figure, and the corset-like front, is different and just quite simply, sexy and gorgeous.

That's it from me today folks, I hope you girls in England find the right dress! And don't forget the trends: leopard print, hot pink, backless, mesh, low neckline and short, short, SHORTTTT!

Love you long time!

Olivia G.

Crazy For Crocs

Hi all,

So we've noticed that Crocs have been getting a really bad rap. Both kinds of crocs are, but in this instance we're talking about the shoes. Those poor soles; they're being shunned worldwide as the world's fugliest form of footwear, worn only by the likes of tourists and clueless old men.

Well, we've got news for the world!

You've got to love their bright colours, versatility, cushy orthotic soles and - best of all - their odour-preventing, perforated material. Scientifically speaking, this foamy material is anti-microbial, which gives it the amazing ability to keep your feet odour free. It prevents fungal growth as well as bacteria. Not only that, but Crocs are are especially good at absorbing shock, which minimises leg and foot fatigue and easily makes them the comfiest things you've ever worn. Dogs may be a man's best friend, but Crocs really are a foot's best bud.

Sure, they're odd-looking, but weren't all great fashion trends once considered 'odd'? Isn't stepping outside the box, fashion-wise, the trademark of a true fashionista? We girls are both ready to step outside the box, Croc-clad feet first!

Okay, rant over. This post is an ode to Crocs. We hail thee.

"Gretel" clogs. Hansel approves.

"Pirates of the Caribbean" clogs. Channel your inner Jack Sparrow.

Scooby dooby Crocs, where have you been our whole lives?

"Crocs Mammoth" - LOVE.

Trendy and kid-friendly. Kudos, Crocs.

We just can't get enough of these. They're definitely going on our birthday wishlist.

Crocs with bows for girly girls. They're like ballet flats ... but sooo much comfier!

Leopard print puts a sexy spin on Crocs.

Okay, so they technically aren't Crocs, but these "five-fingered shoes", as they're called, have gone one step further. With these, your toes will know freedom as they've never known it before.

Vibram's Five-Fingered footwear, worn by two fashion-forward teenagers at the beach.

The divine Channing Tatum is a walking advertisement for Vibram shoes. This man knows his stuff.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Les Hommes de la Mode

Hello there!

I'm just going to cut to the chase. Men's fashion today is terribly underrated. Guys (ahem, my boyfriend) seem to think that all they need to wear is a T-shirt and old jeans, and maybe throw on a nice wrinkle-free button-down shirt when they feel especially formal. I have a male friend who dresses impeccably - think lace cravat and shiny oxford shoes - and as a result looks positively swoon-worthy. Unfortunately, for all his trouble he gets called ... well, a derogatory term for a homosexual. But seriously, who likes those guys who walk around with their pants sagging around their butt?!

Here's my fashion guide for guys who actually want to dress to impress - I tip my hat to you, sirs. And yes, you can clear your Internet history after you finish reading this!

I love a guy who dares to wear floral - and on a cardigan too. Here's a hint, boys - try something new, something outside the box. I guarantee you it'll get you a date.

God, I love it. So Jeremy Scott. That jacket looks a million dollars. The colours, the Oriental pattern ... everything. Oh, and that hairstyle is a huge turn-on.

Are those jodhpurs I see??! And a quiff? A patterned scarf improvised into a shirt? He looks amazing, and totally innovative. Who knew you could wear riding pants outside of a horse stud and still look fabulous?

The stylish trench coat over slouchy clothes makes him look like a dashing and well-dressed pirate. Kudos.

Ask any girl and she'll say it's cute for a guy to wear, well, dorky sweaters knitted by his grandma. It shows that a) he's down-to-earth, b) he doesn't try too hard to look cool and c) he loves his gran!

Phwoaaaar, show off those sexy legs. This man has an upper-class, Armani-esque aura about him, but with a daring twist - exchanging tux pants for a skirt. I have a feeling man-skirts are set to become a trend after this fella works his magic ...

Marry me?! Aside from being extremely fit, this fellow dares to wear a dress and let me just say, he totally pulls it off. The uneven hemline, hodge-podge of polkadots and sheer drapery are reminiscent of a style I call 'curtain vintage.'

This brilliant concoction is by one of my favourite designers, Jeremy Scott, from his collection Boudoir Bombshell. I just can't tear my eyes away from those fabulous pants sported by the model. They're masculine and drop-dead sexy.

Mon dieu. This gorgeously fit model shows that leotards aren't just for girls.

I know what I have a fetish for ...

Another contribution by my beloved Jeremy Scott. These flashy, fleece-lined jacket and pants are advertised as 'gym clothes', but only for the very classy. Gone are the days of ratty old trackpants; look like a gentlemen even while you're sweating it out on the treadmill, and perhaps a lady will approach you with a proposal to have dinner with her ... to which you could also wear this dual-purpose outfit.

This season seems to be showcasing the naked male leg. If you've got nice, toned stems, show them off for us girls. And if you're uncomfortable with
wearing underwear in public, try the sheer pants seen on the model in the first picture. They are simply magnificent.

This seems to be modeled after Vivenne Westwood's infamous 'homeless chic' at Milan Fashion Week in '10. I love that big denim coat and I would totally wear it.

That's all from me for now. So boys, open your eyes and start looking past those Levi's, past those old Vans with the hole in the toe. The pictures above are of real men who know real fashion.

Good luck!