Friday, March 4, 2011

Les Hommes de la Mode

Hello there!

I'm just going to cut to the chase. Men's fashion today is terribly underrated. Guys (ahem, my boyfriend) seem to think that all they need to wear is a T-shirt and old jeans, and maybe throw on a nice wrinkle-free button-down shirt when they feel especially formal. I have a male friend who dresses impeccably - think lace cravat and shiny oxford shoes - and as a result looks positively swoon-worthy. Unfortunately, for all his trouble he gets called ... well, a derogatory term for a homosexual. But seriously, who likes those guys who walk around with their pants sagging around their butt?!

Here's my fashion guide for guys who actually want to dress to impress - I tip my hat to you, sirs. And yes, you can clear your Internet history after you finish reading this!

I love a guy who dares to wear floral - and on a cardigan too. Here's a hint, boys - try something new, something outside the box. I guarantee you it'll get you a date.

God, I love it. So Jeremy Scott. That jacket looks a million dollars. The colours, the Oriental pattern ... everything. Oh, and that hairstyle is a huge turn-on.

Are those jodhpurs I see??! And a quiff? A patterned scarf improvised into a shirt? He looks amazing, and totally innovative. Who knew you could wear riding pants outside of a horse stud and still look fabulous?

The stylish trench coat over slouchy clothes makes him look like a dashing and well-dressed pirate. Kudos.

Ask any girl and she'll say it's cute for a guy to wear, well, dorky sweaters knitted by his grandma. It shows that a) he's down-to-earth, b) he doesn't try too hard to look cool and c) he loves his gran!

Phwoaaaar, show off those sexy legs. This man has an upper-class, Armani-esque aura about him, but with a daring twist - exchanging tux pants for a skirt. I have a feeling man-skirts are set to become a trend after this fella works his magic ...

Marry me?! Aside from being extremely fit, this fellow dares to wear a dress and let me just say, he totally pulls it off. The uneven hemline, hodge-podge of polkadots and sheer drapery are reminiscent of a style I call 'curtain vintage.'

This brilliant concoction is by one of my favourite designers, Jeremy Scott, from his collection Boudoir Bombshell. I just can't tear my eyes away from those fabulous pants sported by the model. They're masculine and drop-dead sexy.

Mon dieu. This gorgeously fit model shows that leotards aren't just for girls.

I know what I have a fetish for ...

Another contribution by my beloved Jeremy Scott. These flashy, fleece-lined jacket and pants are advertised as 'gym clothes', but only for the very classy. Gone are the days of ratty old trackpants; look like a gentlemen even while you're sweating it out on the treadmill, and perhaps a lady will approach you with a proposal to have dinner with her ... to which you could also wear this dual-purpose outfit.

This season seems to be showcasing the naked male leg. If you've got nice, toned stems, show them off for us girls. And if you're uncomfortable with
wearing underwear in public, try the sheer pants seen on the model in the first picture. They are simply magnificent.

This seems to be modeled after Vivenne Westwood's infamous 'homeless chic' at Milan Fashion Week in '10. I love that big denim coat and I would totally wear it.

That's all from me for now. So boys, open your eyes and start looking past those Levi's, past those old Vans with the hole in the toe. The pictures above are of real men who know real fashion.

Good luck!


  1. will from manchester ukApril 1, 2011 at 10:21 PM

    heyy, im 12 and my names will. i lyk ur blog and i think its kool.

    do u girls think i shud wear these clothes if i want to get girls? i want to look kool at school.


  2. Hey will!

    Definitely, these styles are the latest and greatest and you should definitely try them out, but any girl who judges you completely on your clothes is totally not worth it.
    Good Luck!

    Eve and Olivia

  3. i'm the guy in the fourth picture
    and thanks for the compliment.

  4. we always compliment a well organised outfit. Yours was definitely up there! keep up the awesome stylin'!!!

    Love, Eve and Olivia