Monday, April 25, 2011

the shoe must go on!

Hello all!
It's been a while but O is back!

Here are some of my favourite oldies but goodies...

Winter's coming for our friends in Australia. Chuck those Uggs away and switch to these lovelies.

I bought a pair exactly like this the other day. LOVE THEM! Eve is seething with jealousy.

The perfect summer shoes for guys and girls.

LOVE THESE!! Givenchy men's bondage oxfords. Eve and I bought a pair for our lovely friend E the other day :):) N.B. They come in different colours including black and cream but pink is defs the way to go!

These gorgeous Prada platforms sold out and there was a HUGE waiting list for them. Eve ordered herself a pair not long ago. COME QUICKLY PLEASE WE WANT TO WEAR YOUUUUUUUUU!

Can I just say: HOLY SHOES! Topless flip flops? AMAZING! And in animal print too?
I'm about to die from gorgeous-fashion-overload!

x Olivia.


  1. i like it!! the purple summer shoes were a bit.. bad though :) ill spread the word!

  2. Hello Yu-Gi-Oh!

    Thanks for checking out our blog. Yes, the purple shoes are a bit strange, but we love them nonetheless. What incredible creativity on the designer's part!

    Have a good one :)

    x Eve & Olivia

  3. i gotta say, your fashion comments are absaloutely flawless!!! not many blogs have actually changed my sense of style!! bondage oxfords here i come!!!